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Thriving In SpEd 3 Day FREE Training

June 28-30, 2023 

Save Time Without Sacrificing Effectiveness to Achieve the Work/Life Balance You Desire

Overcome Overwhelm and Reclaim Your Joy

Make Work/Life Balance Your Reality

  • Identify which area(s) of YOUR teacher life is/are taking up too much of your time

  • Learn how my signature 3 step training system (AOI) supports you in saving time at work and giving you more time for the things you love

  • Become an advocate for yourself so you can be the best version of you

  • Implement ideas immediately to start cutting your work time down

  • Understand the mindset shift you need to successfully implement what you learn

    Day 1: Define the Work/Life Balance You Desire

    Day 2: Kara's Formula to Get You There

    Day 3: The Formula in Action - Get Results!


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