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Thriving in SpEd Membership

Get the Work/Life Balance You Desire!

I Want In - NOW
  • Spending too much time working?

  • Learn strategies to help you save time without sacrificing effectiveness!

  • Feeling isolated or nervous to share your thoughts?

  • Connect and collaborate in a safe space.

  • Overwhelmed, Overworked, and Over It?

  • Thriving in SpEd Membership Helps You Overcome Overwhelm

  • Want to Achieve the Work/Life Balance You Desire?

  • Kara can help yolu make that happen!

  • I Want To Spend Less Time At Work!!

    Special Education isn’t for the faint of heart!

    I’ve been where you are.

  • Working too many hours

  • Missing out on precious time with your loved ones.

  • Needing solutions but not having time to search for them

  • Putting your wellness on the back burner - again and again

  • And so, so TIRED!

  • Wanting to have a good work/life balance

  • Wanting to spend evenings and weekends with your loved ones

  • Wanting to cut the time you spend on work tasks

  • Wanting to be the best teacher you can be

  • Wanting to feel JOY!

  • You may have lost the joy you had when you became a special educator.

    You might be wondering how you are going to survive for the rest of your career!

    You will realize you don't just have to survive: You Can Thrive!

    I'm Kara Guiff

  • A special educator with over 30 years of teaching experience.

  • I designed Thriving in SpEd Membership with YOU in mind.

  • I'm going to support you on your journey.

  • I want to be a Thriving in SpEd Member!

    How Will Thriving in SpEd Help You Accomplish Your Goals?

    The AOI Formula!

                                     Determine the Area(s) You need to Optimize +

                   planning, classroom mngmt, paperwork, instruction, communication, time mngmt

                                                      Optimize the Area +

                      get the training you need to save time without sacrificing effectiveness

                            Implement What You Learn = Work/Life Balance You Desire

    Kara will work with you to help you determine the Areas you should optimize first for the greatest impact.

    Next, you will learn to optimize that area by consuming training and getting support in Q&A, Co-working, and Coaching calls.

    Finally, you will be held accountable and supported through coaching calls and co-working sessions as you implement the training.

    As a Thriving in SpEd member, each month you will get the following:-

    All the Training You Need

    You get access to ALL of the trainings I have created/will create to help you save time in these teacher areas: Planning, Instruction, Classroom Management, Communication, Paperwork, Time Management   - There is NOTHING more you need to purchase to succeed!        

    Monthly Q&A Session

    60 minutes

    Submit questions in advance and/or attend the live session. The Q&A portion will be recorded.                                                                                                           You can ask Kara anything related to special education and she will do her best to support you!

    Monthly Co-Working

    90 minutes

    Co-working is the KEY to Implementation.  Show up, declare what you want to accomplish each 1/2 hour, work with chat support available if you need. You will get soooo much done!                                                                                                                    You seriously want Co-Working!

    Group Coaching Call

    30 minutes

    Your monthly accountability call. Your coach will check in with you, help you set realistic goals for the next month, and encourage you. You will also have the support of your small group (no more than 6). 

    Other Thriving in SpEd Member Perks:

  • Email Support - answered typically within 48 hours

  • Exclusive Invitations to Member Only Events. 

  • 40% Off Any Other Guiff Goodies Purchases While a Member (example: Summer Summit)

  • I Want to Be A Thriving In SpEd Member

    Thriving in SpEd Membership is For You If:

    • You want to cut hours off the time you spend working!

    • You want to stop dreaming, and start building the Work/Life Balance you desire!

    • You want support and accountability in implementing what you learn so you actually take action!

    • You want a place to ask questions, get information, and connect with other special educators. 

    • You want to have joy in your SpEd life and find time for the things you love!

    • You want to do more than survive - you want to THRIVE!

    Thriving in SpEd Membership is NOT For You If:

    1 Year Thriving in SpEd Membership

  • Unlimited access to the Guiff Goodies Training you need to optimize these teaching areas: Planning, Instruction, Classroom Management, Paperwork, Communication, Time Management so you can optimize your areas of need. This is all the training you will need.  (value $1500+)

  • Monthly Q&A with Kara to get your questions answered. Attend live or submit questions and watch the recordings. ($1200)

  • Monthly Co-Working Sessions for accountability and action taking while Kara supports you in implementing what you have learned. (value $1200)

  • Monthly small group Coaching and Accountability Call to create a plan for action taking. (value $2400)

  • Access to support by email - Emails typically answered within 48 hours (Value Priceless)

  • 40% Discount on Anything Else you purchase from Guiff Goodies while your membership is active. (special training events, summer summit, etc.)

  • Exclusive invitations to Member Only Events  

  • Total Value:    OVER  $6,500

    1 Year Thriving in SpEd Membership

    Your Investment: $997 pay in full


  • Fast Action Bonus (First 5): Personalized Work/Life Balance Realignment Call - Kara will help you identify the area (once optimized) that will have the greatest positive impact on your work/life balance. Also, you wil get support to create a plan of training and implementation that is mangeable for you. (value $250)                                             

  • I Want to Be a Thriving in SpEd Member!
    I Have Questions - Book a Call with Kara!
  • 4 Limited Time Bonuses (Join by July 15, 2023)

    Masterclass: Time Saving Planning Strategies

    Masterclass: Forms for Progress Monitoring

    Challenge: Get Your Drive & Email Organized

    Workshop: Get Your Data Collection Set Up

          Bonuses Value:  $1000

  • The value of the bonuses alone is worth the Thriving in SpEd Membership Investment!


  • I Want to Be a Thriving in SpEd Member!

    I Look Forward to Serving YOU Inside Thriving in SpEd!

    I Want to be a Thriving in SpEd Member

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